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My Journey: From Founding Wholesale Supplies Plus to Launching DIY Craft Warehouse

My Journey: From Founding Wholesale Supplies Plus to Launching DIY Craft Warehouse

Many of you might know me as the founder of Wholesale Supplies Plus, but my journey in the crafting world didn't stop there. After selling Wholesale Supplies Plus and retiring, I felt a pull to return to the handmade industry, leading to the birth of DIY Craft Warehouse. 

My adventure into crafting began in 1996, born from a personal and financial challenge. After the premature birth of my daughter, I started 'May Showers', a small soap and candle making business, from my home. This venture wasn't just a business; it was a lifeline that helped me navigate through a difficult time. In 1999, driven by a desire to help others like me, I launched Wholesale Supplies Plus. My goal was to empower home-based businesses and hobbyists by providing them access to high-quality soap, cosmetic and candle making materials, a mission that became the heart of my company.

In 2019, after years of nurturing and growing Wholesale Supplies Plus, I decided the time was right to sell the company and retire. It was a bittersweet moment, stepping back from a business that had become a significant part of my life and identity.  Our employees and customers were like family, and I completely underestimated the sense of loss I would feel at retirement. My near death experience during COVID, brought me a new perspective and a renewed sense of purpose. I noticed the crafting world was rapidly evolving with new trends like sublimation, resin art, and vinyl crafts gaining popularity. Yet, there was a gap in the market for a dedicated supplier catering to these modern crafting needs and providing one-stop shopping with wholesale prices, available to the public. 

That's when DIY Craft Warehouse was born. Co-founding this company with my youngest daughter Katie May, marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter. Our focus is on the latest crafting trends, providing a range of supplies for sublimation, resin, heat transfer vinyl, and Cricut-ready permanent vinyl products. Our goal is to create a place that isn’t just an online store, but a community for crafters to discover, learn, and grow. 

At DIY Craft Warehouse, we meticulously select and test each product, ensuring they meet the high standards I've always believed in. Our motto is simple, if we test a product and wouldn’t use it in our own projects, then we won’t sell it.  We want a culture of family and we want each of our customers to feel that warmth. Our aim is to be more than a supplier; we want to be partners in creativity, helping both hobbyists and home-based businesses thrive. 

As I reflect on my journey from a modest soap maker to the helm of DIY Craft Warehouse, I am filled with gratitude. This new chapter isn't just another business venture; it's a testament to a life dedicated to the art of crafting.  It’s about helping a new generation of makers.

If you're seeking a creative outlet, a means to unwind, or an opportunity to supplement your income through crafting, I invite you to explore DIY Craft Warehouse.

Join us, and let's craft a brighter, more beautiful world together.

Debbie May


DIY Craft Warehouse is a wholesale warehouse for on-trend craft supplies. We are open to the public. Our passion lies in assisting hobbyists and pro-makers discover popular products to use, create, and sell in today's thriving market. We hope you will poke around, find something you like and stay a while. DIY Craft Warehouse is a woman-owned, family business shipping orders from Brecksville, Ohio.