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Hydro Paper Sublimation Crafting: A Step-by-Step Guide for Creative Enthusiasts

Hydro Paper Sublimation Crafting: A Step-by-Step Guide for Creative Enthusiasts

Whether you're a seasoned pro looking for tips and tricks or a beginner eager to learn the ropes, this guide is your ultimate resource. We'll walk you through step-by-step instructions, provide expert advice, and offer insights to ensure that using our hydro sublimation paper becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience. Let's dive in and unleash your creativity!

How to Sublimate Full Hydro Paper Pattern on a Tumbler 
Step-By-Step Guide
1. Measure the area to be sublimated.   Cut the hydro paper to needed size.
2. Wet evenly with water one side of the paper.
3. Fully wrap the tumbler with hydro paper and dampen paper with water.
4. Apply shrink film to entire tumbler.
5. Secure edges with heat tape.
6. Place in the sublimation oven.
7. With heat proof gloves, carefully remove the cup from the oven.
8. Allow to cool and remove heat tape or shrink wrap.  Clean any residual tape with rubbing alcohol.  Enjoy or give as a gift.  These make great products to sell at markets and festivals!
Suggested Sublimation Settings  
Drinkware Temperature Press Time Oven Time
Ceramic Mugs 385° F 240 seconds 13 min
Stainless Steel Tumblers 385° F 60-120  seconds 8 min
Beer Glass 365° F 180  seconds 6 min
Enamel Mugs 385° F 180  seconds 6 min
Aluminum Bottles 385° F 120  seconds 6 min


Other Substrates




Press Time

Oven Time
Polyester Shirts 385° F 45 seconds
Vegan Leather Coasters 375° F 45 seconds
Ceramic Coasters 385° F 240 seconds 6 min
Glass Coasters 365° F 180 seconds 6 min
Phone Cases
Sublimation Glass


365° F


180 seconds

6 min
Phone Cases

Sublimation Aluminum


385° F


120 seconds

6 min


Expert Advice & Tips
  1. The sublimation pattern paper may look dull.  That is expected.  It will show more bright color after sublimation.
  2. Pre-heat your sublimation machine.
  3. Warning - Do not leave children alone with this paper or any hot surface.