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When Can I Start Selling My Handmade Craft Products?

Small Business Woman Selling Crafts

Becoming skilled in creating handmade crafts takes time and practice, and once you have honed your skills, you may want to start selling your creations. However, unlike many other professions, there is no mandated testing, governing body, or federal certification for selling most handmade items, making it challenging to determine when your products are ready for the market.

To ensure you are prepared for selling your handmade crafts, start by educating yourself on the craft. There are a plethora of crafting tutorials available online, but it's important to separate good practices from bad ones. Look for instructional videos that are complete, precise, and thorough.

While videos are a great way to get started, they do not take the place of hands-on learning. Seek out a seasoned artisan in your area who can take you on as an apprentice, or look for classes and workshops at local supply stores, schools, or art councils. These courses are designed to teach you the basics and give you hands-on, supervised experience under a skilled crafter. Making handmade crafts is not a competition; there are many experienced crafters in online groups who are ready and willing to help.

Once you have mastered your craft, take the time to research and formulate your ingredients properly. Testing your craft recipe is a crucial step that should not be taken lightly. Use any negative feedback as an opportunity to improve, and consider offering a product of the month club for your testers. After a year-long experiment, you will know which blends or combinations are preferred and how to streamline your processes and packaging.

Finally, once you are ready to start selling your handmade crafts, search out ways to set up your business legally. Decide on your business structure, register your business with your state, and seek out business insurance. Remember, building a successful business takes time and effort, so never stop learning and improving.