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Selling Handmade Crafts at a Fundraiser

Selling Handmade Crafts at a Fundraiser

You've spent hours crafting beautiful handmade items to donate to your kid's school fundraiser. Now it's time to actually sell those crafts and raise some money! Selling handmade goods at a school event or for a club team can be rewarding but also nerve-wracking. How do you make sure people flock to your table and your one-of-a-kind creations end up in the hands of happy customers? With some preparation and strategy, you'll be selling your handmade tumblers, cell phone cases, and home decor in no time. Follow these tips to have a successful fundraiser and spread the word about your handmade business. By the end of the event, you'll be counting the cash and already planning what to make for next year!

Price Your Handmade Crafts to Sell at the School Fundraiser

When pricing your handmade goods for a school fundraiser, keep a few things in mind:

Aim for a range of price points.

Offer items at $5, $10 and $20 price points so there’s something for every budget. Focus on volume sales to maximize your total. Price popular handmade crafts like sublimated tumblers, vinyl decals and personalized phone cases on the lower end of the range. Higher priced items could include custom doormats, wood signs or metal wall art.

Factor in your costs but don’t get greedy.

Strive to cover your costs, keeping in mind the cause. Consider setting prices with a profit margin of 60-65% and earmark 30-40% of the profit to benefit the organization. While this might appear generous, it serves as compensation for their advertising efforts and backing. Your fellow school supporters will value fair and sensible pricing, increasing their willingness to make purchases.

Bundle for better value.

Group 3 or 4 smaller handmade crafts or accessories together at a discounted bundle price. Bundling is a great way to move more volume and lets customers feel like they’re getting a deal. They can also make great gifts!

Offer a special school fundraiser discount.

Advertise that a portion of all sales will go directly to the school or team. People will feel good about supporting a local fundraiser and getting a good deal. A 10-25% discount off your regular prices is perfect.

With the right mix of price points, fair markups, bundling and fundraising discounts, you’ll have a successful sale and raise more money for your school. And who knows, you might just gain some new customers for your handmade craft business too!

Market Your Handmade Crafts for the School Fundraiser

To make the most of your school fundraiser, you need to spread the word about your handmade crafts. Start by posting on the fundraiser’s social media pages and asking the organizers to share info about your products. Ask if you can include photos and details in newsletters, and send emails to parents and teachers.

Set up an eye-catching booth or table to display your wares. Group similar items together and feature your best sellers up front. Have samples or photos of custom options you offer. And don’t forget clear pricing - use chalkboards or print signage so people know exactly what they’re buying.

Take the chance to chat with customers about your crafting process and materials. People appreciate handmade goods and the stories behind them. Offer bundle deals or discounts on multiple purchases to encourage more sales. You can also run a promotion like “Buy 2 tumblers, get a free vinyl decal!”.

  • Post on social media and ask to be included in newsletters
  • Set up an attractive display and group items by type
  • Clearly mark prices for all products
  • Share details about your crafting and offer bundle deals
  • Run promotions and sales to boost interest

With some smart marketing and an eye-catching setup, your handmade crafts will be a hit at the school fundraiser. And every sale helps the cause, so get out there and spread the word about your amazing, one-of-a-kind items!

Take orders for 2 weeks

To ensure you have enough inventory on hand for your school fundraiser, start taking pre-orders from friends, family, teachers, and parents at least two weeks before the event. Send an email, post on social media, and distribute flyers to spread the word that you’re now taking orders for your handcrafted goods. Be sure to include photos of your products, descriptions, and a price list.

  • Offer a discount for pre-orders, such as 10 to 15 percent off, to incentivize people and give them a good deal. This will also help you determine how much additional stock you need to have on hand for sales the day of the fundraiser.
  • Ask people to submit pre-orders on a Google Form or similar so you have a running list of the quantities and types of each item people want to buy. Review the orders at least once a week and start crafting the goods so you’re not overwhelmed with last-minute production.
  • Let people know the pre-order window will close 3 to 5 days before the fundraiser event. This gives you enough time to make any final items for pre-orders and additional stock to have available for people to purchase in person.

Following these tips will help ensure your handcrafted goods fundraiser is a success by giving you an estimate of sales beforehand and allowing you to be fully stocked with a variety of products when people come to shop. And don’t forget—offering a discount for people who help support the fundraiser ahead of time is a great way to boost your initial sales and spread excitement about your event!

Delivery products within 1-2 weeks

When selling your handmade crafts at a school fundraiser, you’ll want to make sure you can deliver any orders received within 1-2 weeks. Your customers will appreciate your prompt service and it will build goodwill for any future fundraisers.

To ensure quick delivery:

-Have enough inventory on hand of your bestselling items like tumblers, cell phone cases and home decor. Prepare extras just in case you receive more orders than expected.

-Streamline your production process. Figure out how to efficiently make multiples of the same type of product. Set up an assembly line system if possible.

-Ask friends or family members to help fulfill orders. Let them know in advance what products you need help producing more of. Their assistance will make the workload much more manageable.

-Prioritize custom or personalized orders first. Get those completed and shipped as soon as possible since the buyer is waiting for their specific product.

-Consider offering a small discount or free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount. This may increase your volume of sales but the lower profit margin will be worth gaining repeat customers.

Delivering handcrafted goods on time after a fundraiser is key to building your reputation and customer loyalty. With some advance planning and teamwork, you can fulfill all orders within 1-2 weeks and keep your customers happy. They’ll surely return to buy from you again at the next school event!


So there you have it, some tips to help make your handmade crafts fundraiser a success. Remember to start planning early, price your items fairly, create an inviting display, engage customers with your enthusiasm, and don’t be afraid to negotiate. Most importantly, have fun with it! Selling your handmade goods for a good cause is rewarding. You’ll be raising money to support your school or team while also gaining valuable experience interacting with customers. Who knows, you might even gain some repeat buyers or new fans of your crafts. With the right mindset and preparation, your handmade crafts fundraiser can be a win-win for everyone involved. Now get out there and start crafting! Your school or team is counting.